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We strongly believe that a great idea in the hands of a highly competent and motivated Team is the only key to actually bring meaningful changes in the prosthetic industry.

BionIT Labs Values


Integrity is our main road. We act to ensure trust and clearness to all our stakeholders, building a comfortable and meaningful collaborative experience.

Continous Improvement

Our Team’s desire for continuous improvement is the engine behind our growth. The company driving force arises from employees’ hunger of improving personal and professional skills.


Creativity is our fuel. The strive to exceed the status quo, without any fear of failure, allows us to create, experiment, take risks and enjoy the ‘everyday new’ journey.


Innovation is our destination, the horizon we look at. This is not the end of our journey, but an ongoing challenge: every single step we make contributes to the improvement of the value we want to bring to society.

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BionIT Labs Headquarter - Soleto - Le

BionIT Labs Headquarter - Soleto - Le

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